Workshop with Jeffrey Checkel

Rule and resistance in global politics include many transnational phenomena. As conventional as it might sound, most analyses of rule and the resistance against it, whether violent or not, ignore or underestimate the transnational dimensions and dynamics.

Photo credit: Normative Orders

The transnational dynamics of violent dissidence were the focus of an internal colloquium of the working groups “Transnational Escalation Mechanisms of Violent Dissidence” (led by Christopher Daase) and “The Transnationalization of Rule and Resistance in International Relations” (led by Nicole Deitelhoff and Christopher Daase) at the Cluster of Excellence: Normative Orders on February 3, 2014. Distinguished guest of the colloquium was Prof. Jeffrey Checkel, Professor for International Studies and Simons Chair in International Law and Human Security at Simon Fraser University (Canada), who presented his edited volume “Transnational Dynamics of Civil War”, published by Cambridge University Press in 2013 (more on the book). This valuable contribution to International Relations, Comparative Politics and Conflict Studies addresses how transnational relations affect supposedly intra-state conflicts. Moreover, the colloquium discussed conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues, including, for instance, various concepts of transnationalism and the promises and pitfalls of mechanistic understandings of causality and the application of process tracing as a research method.