Join us at the ISA in New Orleans

There will be two Dissidence panels at this year’s Annual Convention of the International Studies Association in New Orleans.

The panel “What Resistance?: Rethinking Manifestations And
Conceptualizations Of Opposition And Dissidence” (TB22, Thu 10.30am, Chair: Julia Grauvogel, Hamburg; Discussant: Louiza Odysseos, Sussex), sponsored by ‘International Political Sociology’  and ‘Global Development’, will have our colleague Janusz Biene (of the project on Transnational Escalation Mechanisms of Violent Dissidence) present a paper titled “Towards a Theory of Transcalation Transnational Escalation Mechanisms of Violent Dissidence”. Other presenters at the panel will be Hendrik Huells (Lüneburg), Kandida Iris Purnell (Aberdeen), David Betge (Berlin) and Caitlin M. Ryan (Ohio).

Also, there will be panel on “Post-National Rule and the Policing of Space” (SA34, Sat 8.15am, Chair: Mathias Albert, Bielefeld; Discussant: Yale H. Ferguson, Rutgers), sponsored by ‘International Political Sociology’, ‘Political Demography and Geography’ and the Theme ‘Global IR and Regional Worlds: A New Agenda for International Politics’. Here, our colleague Philip Wallmeier of the project on Transnationalization of Rule and Resistance will give a paper on “The Constitution of Rule in Political Spaces beyond the Nation-State” among other papers by Carlos Encina (Stony Brook), Frauke Surmann (Berlin), Stephan Scheel (Goldsmiths) and Gilberto J. Algar-Faria (Bristol).

For more detail, see the full  full program. We are looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans!