CFP: Journal of Resistance Studies

The New Journal of Resistance Studies is calling for papers

This call is for the two issues to be published in 2015.

Journal of Resistance Studies is a new international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed scientific journal that explores unarmed resistance. The articles we want to publish focus on critical understandings of resistance strategies, discourses, tactics, effects, causes, contexts and experiences. Our aim is to advance an understanding of how resistance might undermine repression, injustices and domination of any kind, as well as how resistance might nurture autonomous subjectivity, as e.g. constructive work, alternative communities, oppositional ways of thinking. We invite journal articles or book reviews and debate contributions.

The Journal of Resistance Studies is searching for texts with critical reflections, evaluations, theoretical developments or more empirical based analysis. We encourage a broad and critical discussion on the possibilities, forms, and conditions, as well as problematics of ‘resistance’. We avoid dogmatic agendas and do not favor any particular framework, and encourage a debate on definitions of ‘resistance’.

Our long term ambition is to further the development of a heterodox scientific field of ‘resistance studies’, a field that critically engages with and learns from other relevant fields that discuss similar phenomena while using other key concepts, such as e.g. activism, contention, deconstruction, disengagement, disobedience, disruption, encroachment, identity politics, insurgency, mimicry, multitude, performativity, protest, queering, rebellion, refusal, riot, revolution, social movement, or other relevant concepts.

1.  Articles are restricted to a maximum of 12 000 words, including all elements (title page, abstract, notes, references, tables, biographical statement, etc.).
2.  Comments column with research-based policy articles and comments to articles published in earlier issues of JRS. These are up to 5 000 words.
3.  Book Reviews are up to 3 000 words, normally shorter.
4.  Short reviews (of books, movies, web-sites etc) are up to 400 words. Articles, Comments, and Book Reviews are peer-reviewed.

Deadline for the Spring issue is March 1 and for the Autumn issue September 1.

All questions regarding the journal should be directed to: jorgen at<mailto:jorgen at>.