Blog Series “Social Movements and Institutions”

Over the coming weeks, a blog series on social movements and institutions edited by Felix Anderl (from the Alterglobalization project), Jannis Julien Grimm (FU Berlinand Jan-Philipp Vatthauer (HSFK) will be published on the leading German IR blog Bretterblog (in English language).

Here’s a brief glimpse:

„Some Vantage Points for Rethinking Movements and Institutions: Introduction to a Blog Series

Social movements and institutions are central actors in national and transnational politics as well as core categories of social inquiry. Despite their importance, both terms are still haunted by a lack of thorough definitions. We introduce a blog series with ten weekly contributions on their interrelation, outlining several innovative approaches and suggesting some vantage points for rethinking ‘Movements’ and ‘Institutions’ in a productive manner.“

Read on here or visit the IPB’s Working Group on Social Movements and Institutions.