Beyond Anarchy

In the new issue of PVS, the Journal of the German Association for Political Science (2/2015), Christopher Daase and Nicole Deitelhoff debate rule and authority in international relations with Michael Zürn. In their contribution Beyond Anarchy: Resistance and Rule in the International System, Daase and Deitelhoff argue that IR’s “Anarchy Problematique” has given way to a “Problematique of Rule ” of relations of rule in the international system with often only very limited visibility, that can best be reconstructed over resistance they encounter. In his contribution Beyond Anarchy: Authority and Rule in Global Governance, Zürn counters that in the tradition of a sociology of domination, international rule can best be captured not by looking at resistance, but deference. He argues that especially routine forms of (reflexive) authority can be better described, and criticized, in this way.