WP #1/2014 Christopher Daase/ Nicole Deitelhoff: Reconstructing Global Rule by Analyzing Resistance.

Existing approaches to researching rule on a global level are too limited to grasp its multifaceted forms. For the most part, liberal approaches in International Relations equate rule and legitimate authority, while critical approaches can only conceive of them as domination or hegemony. In order to make conceivable both illegitimate coercion and legitimate orders in international politics, in this Working Paper Christopher Daase and Nicole Deitelhoff propose reconstructing rule by analyzing practices of resistance. With the continuum between opposition (complying to the rules of the game) and radical dissidence, they develop a heuristic that makes it possible to describe the plurality of forms of rule in differentiated partial orders of international politics beyond anarchy, authority and hegemony: as structures of institutionalized superordination and subordination through which basic goods and influence are distributed, alternativeness and contingency are minimized and expectations are stabilized. Download the PDF here.